Q1.Do the tracks have to be installed on top of the deck around the pool?

On new pools the tracks are built into the side walls of the pool or set flush into the deck around the pool. On existing pools the tracks are installed on top of the deck around the pool. The tracks are a little over two inches wide but only about a quarter inch high, with a rounded top surface. They are obviously made to be used around pools and are safe and unobtrusive

Q2. Are all brands of pool covers of equal quality?

By no means! While it is true that all safety pool covers must meet the Federal Standard of supporting 485 lbs. in a 5 foot radius, there are many features of Coverstar covers that make them the top of the line in quality and reliability. Some of these features are:

Fabric: We use Coverstar’s premium 17 oz. per square yard vinyl/acrylic fabric. Other brands use lighter weight fabrics.
Track Feeds: Coverstar uses Stainless Steel guide feeds to direct the cover into the track as the cover comes off of the rollup tube. Other brands use plastic feeds which wear and open up over time, causing cover jamming and webbing damage.
Rope Pulleys: Coverstar uses a double row of ball bearings in its pulleys to prevent premature seal wear. Other brands use single row ball bearings.
Synthetic Ropes: Coverstar’s low stretch synthetic ropes are the strongest available.
Webbing: Coverstar’s webbing is over twice as strong as the webbing used on other brands, and it is vinyl welded to the fabric. Other brands sew their webbing with thread which can deteriorate over time and lead to premature cover failure.
Engineering: Coverstar engineers its covers to the highest standards to provide years of reliable service, day in and day out!

Q3. What will an automatic cover cost?

The installed cost of an automatic safety cover will vary with the size and layout of the pool. For average sized residential pools, ballpark figures are about $10,000 to $15,000. We are always willing to meet with you and prepare a free estimate on the cost of improving your existing pool with an automatic cover. For covers on new pools being constructed, we always work as a sub contractor to your pool builder. Please have your pool builder contact us.

Q4. Can an Automatic Safety Cover be installed on odd shaped pools?

Absolutely! On odd shaped pools the parallel tracks will be installed at the widest point of the pool, which means that some deck area will be covered when the cover is closed. This is frequently done and means that a cover can be installed on almost any pool.